Desert Fiber Arts

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DFA Equipment Policies

From DFA Bylaws, Article XII, Section 2. (see By-laws in About DFA)

1. The guild equipment is available free of charge for work done for the guild such as demonstrations, guild projects, and study group projects.

2. Equipment may be rented by DFA members for a 2-month period.  An item may be checked out for a successive month only if no one else wants to use the equipment.  The cost of all repairs, except normal wear and tear, are the responsibility of the renter.  

3. Costs:  Large/expensive equipment = $10 for 2 months.  Minimum rental $10.                       Other equipment = $5 for 2 months.  Minimum rental is $5. Rental fee is due when you check out the equipment.

4. Once the equipment is 3 months overdue, the renter owes DFA the purchase price of that item. 

DFA Equipment List

Contact Equipment Chairman Clifton Door to rent equipment.  Contact info in our directory.

Click here to download a copy of the equipment list.


Floor Looms

Model                             Description

Sears FairLoom               2-shaft, 34" wide, rug loom with sectional warp beam;

                                     includes 1 temple and 6 flat shuttles, 2 instruction books

Schacht                          4 shaft, 36" wide,

Harrisville                       4-shaft, 24" wide, 10-dent reed

Ulman                            4-shaft, 22" wide, 10-dent reed

LeClerc                           4-shaft, 36” wide

Table Looms

Model                             Description

Lily                                 2-shaft

Sievers                           4-shaft

Rasmussen                      4-shaft, 25” wide

Rasmussen                      4-shaft, 25” wide

Rigid Heddle Looms

Model                             Description

Ashford                          18” wide with 8 and 10 dent heddles

Ashford                          18” wide with 8 and 10 dent heddles 

Ashford Accessories         Heddles, shuttles, misc equipment, carrying bag                 

Harrisville                       Easy Weaver

Tapestry Looms

Model                             Description

Hagen                             16” x 23”

Yamanashi Hemslöjd        26” x 18.5”

Inkle Loom



Weaving Accessories

Reeds                              24” wide, 6-dent; 25” wide 12-dent; 36” wide 10-dent

Heddles                           9.5” metal, about 100

Raddle                             36” Schacht

Warping Boards                18 inch x 3 feet; 2 feet x 3 feet; 3 feet x 3 feet

Warping Mill                     2-vertical warping mills

Doubling Stand                

8-cone holder                  

Shuttles                           Miscellaneous 12 – 22”

Yarn Skeiner                    Wood, table top style

Lease rods                       Assortment of sizes

Yarn Ball Winder               Hand operated, clamps on table

Sectional Warp Beam Guides, can be used on plain beam to adapt it for sectional       


Spinning Wheels

Model                              Description

Ashford                           Traditional, 1:6.5 ration only; 3 spool Lazy Kate

Ashford                           Yarn bombed wheel

Spinning Accessories

Lazy Kate                        3 Bobbin size

Hand cards                      Two sets – for carding wool


Drum Carder                    Patrick Green

Fur Drum                         For Patrick Green carder

Drum Carder                    Clemes and Clemes

Russian Paddle Combs       Double-row of tines

Miscellaneous Equipment

Rag cutter                        Crank type

Rag cutter                        Razor blade style

Shibori dyeing                  12 PVC pipes, assorted tiles

Card Weaving Kit              Cards, Instruction Book and clamps

Pot Holder Looms              Two looms

Notebook Computer           With PixeLoom weaving software installed; includes mouse

                                        and printer